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Data Centre Monitoring & Data Centre Maintenance

Designed for ease of data centre maintenance, engineered with universal components and with a data centre monitoring system accessible from anywhere in the world, the BladeRoom system offers complete control over maintenance activity.

Ease of data centre monitoring and maintenance is ensured through a design that allows no compromise on the space required to safely work on the system components, most of which are accessible from the power management room.

N+20% fans can be changed while in live operation

The Tier 3 design enables concurrent maintainability and critical systems have been designed from universal parts to ensure availability at all times.

All BladeRoom data centres have an integrated data centre monitoring system.

Supply corridor: checking fire panels

The system gives access to energy consumption, current and aggregate PUE, M&E systems, temperature and humidity inside and outside the data centre and pressure differentials between the supply and exhaust corridors.

Data centre maintenance is made easy with spacious dedicated maintenance areas; quick disconnect universal components and a concurrently maintainable Tier 3 or 4 design.

Maintenance is remarkably easy with the BladeRoom system, allowing continuous operation during any planned maintenance.

Staff entering an IT room

The design employs minimal moving parts, keeping ongoing maintenance costs low.

All components are universal items, keeping lead times short and allowing spares packs to be easily re-supplied

Quick disconnects allow all data centre maintenance to be conducted quickly and safely while in live operation.

An advanced data centre remote monitoring system offers unprecedented live tracking of the data centre from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year enabling truly proactive facilities management.

Remotely accessed, following a secure login, it will provide live updates on all key performance data as well as complete CCTV and audio monitoring through an easy-to-navigate graphical interface.

Designed specifically for the BladeRoom system, the interface is extremely intuitive, providing crucial high-level user specific information.

Articulating camera in the power management room

The live video and audio feeds allow you to confirm any reading the system shows as if you were there, providing complete confidence in the operation of the system.

Authorised engineers can monitor the BladeRoom data centre remotely via laptop or Smartphone if required, ensuring the fastest response times to alarms generated.

The integrated remote monitoring system offers the following as standard:

Energy Monitoring

  • Current and aggregate PUE
  • Energy consumption at the switchboards and at individual busbar level (kWh, kw, kVAR, Amps, Volts, Hz)
Environmental monitoring
  • Ambient air monitoring and psychrometic zone reporting
  • Temperature and humidity throughout the facility
  • Air pressure and differentials between hot and cold aisles
Fire Systems
  • VESDA circuits - sensitivity can be set in anticipation of smoke or dust storms
  • Smoke detection heads
  • Alarms System and responses
  • Fire suppression system
M & E
  • Operational status of all plant
  • Maintenance notifications
  • Damper demand and response information
  • Filter pressure and replacement monitoring
  • Evaporative cooling water consumption
  • Internal CCTV systems if installed
Alarms & response plans
  • Flexible alarm set points and maintenance alerts
  • Fully customisable response plans to suit an organisations standard practice

Further Options

The monitoring system can be expanded to cover every element of your site, from the generators and UPS right down to individual power strip outlets. These elements are not included as standard as they vary based on the site, but can be incorporated easily into the BladeRoom System's monitoring package.

  • Monitoring of primary electrical infrastructure
  • Energy monitoring down to power strip level
  • Energy monitoring down to outlet level
  • Temperature and humidity can be measured off individual racks
  • CCTV monitoring can be extended to include external CCTV systems
  • Access control systems can be integrated

The control system enables data centre multi-site monitoring and is designed to extend and monitor additional BladeRoom data centres.

The sytem can individually monitor multiple BladeRoom data centres on a single site or across multiple sites, offering real-time information, video and audio feeds.

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