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BladeRoom Modular Data Centres

BladeRoom is a highly energy efficient modular data centre system, providing a scalable method of quickly developing data centres with an extremely low, proven PUE.

Built entirely in the factory and requiring minimal work on site, a BladeRoom modular data centre can be up and running in a fraction of the time it takes for a traditional build.

Low proven PUE: Extremely energy efficient, the BladeRoom system offers a low proven PUE. Tested and verified a PUE of 1.13 is achievable, even with all electrical losses taken into account. Stand alone the BladeRoom can achieve a PUE as low as 1.04. Read more »

Consistently low PUE across variable loads: The BladeRoom system dynamically matches cooling and airflow to actual IT demand. This means that PUE remains consistently low whether the data centre is partially or fully loaded with racks. PUE stays low at 100% to 15% occupancy levels. Read more »

Low, medium and high rack kW densities: Rack densities from 1 to 24kW+ are available. No special rack or cooling equipment is needed to achieve the highest densities because the system matches server demand to cooling, allowing any configuration of low, medium and high density racks in the same space. Read more »

Small, medium and large data centres: The BladeRoom system is totally scalable and provides data centres of any size. Starting at ten racks, the system can be used in multi-storey format in unlimited dimension footprints to deliver large scale data centres of thousands of racks over hundreds of thousands of square feet. Read more »

Resilience: Allowing concurrent maintainability, the BladeRoom data centre is built to Tier 3 levels of resilience as standard with dual distribution paths and N+1 components. Approved by Uptime Institute Tier designers, a BladeRoom data centre can be rapidly upgraded to Tier 4 and full fault tolerance if needed. Read more »

Financial: Owing to the modular, scalable properties of a BladeRoom data centre, additional IT space can be added when necessary to match demand. This allows the initial cost of the data centre (and associated infrastructure) to be kept as low as possible on day one with maximum return on investment achieved. Read more »

Modular Data Centre Power Room
Modular Data cold corridor

Modular Data Centre IT corridor

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